How good are you with skins???

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  1. Alright so ive been thinking about my skin lately no clue why but i have and its come to mind that i need to make it my own. ive had it since i started playing mc which was back before multiplayer was around. didnt have my skin back that far but it was not long after i should say. im looking to see if anyone out there is really good with skins and could help me out in making it my own. i have some ideas and ive tried doing it myself but it just didnt look right maybe because i dont know what im doing or what not. so pm me if you are really good with skins and ill let you know what im looking for. multiple players can pm me and i can get each of your own versions as well just lemme know thanks

  2. I can make skins! It will appear simple or not but I need to know what you want
  3. I'll try to make you a skin 820327. What do you want it to look like
  4. I asked first :p
    Anyways, you steal skins XD u told me AND showed me lol
  5. gabeli I make them also and I'm on more often then you are because I can play in schooldays.
  6. I think I'm a pretty good skin maker. You can use the skin I made to see if you think I'd be good for the job:
  7. I would recommend ice_ lightning99 or darksuperlord. The are the best in the business.
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  8. That's cause my grades is more important than this
    Your statement is invalid
  9. Uh oh...
  10. I believe I'm pretty good at making them, I just need to know what you want and what kind of shading you would like. That is, if you haven't already chosen someone.
  11. I would highly recommend Chris for skin making, he's made some fantastic ones in the past.
  12. Me and gabeli like to annoy each other. XD we're just joking around. IRL we are friends and always joke around with each other at school during lunch and break time.
  13. That statement is false as well
  14. Thanks, buddy-o!
  15. I made stars and my skin, turtleneck and chain