How does James Patterson make books so fast?

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  1. This man wrote 17 books in 6 months.
  2. They were published in 2015. Doesn't mean that they were all written recently.
  3. I really doubt he wrote these not recently. Either way if they were published in 2015 he still wrote alot of them at one time.
  4. At one point, I've been told he has ghost writers.
  5. As a former librarian, it's not a big mystery. He has co-authors for almost every book he writes now ( or did 2 years ago when I was still paying attention ) take the Daniel X series, the first book had Michael Ledwidge as co author. Who's most successful writing has been several books he has co-authored with the best-selling author James Patterson. Maximum ride (my personal favorite) didn't even feel like Patterson's style of narrative. Which is the point really. Why he's able to "father" so many different stories, he has multiple "helpers" to keep them unique, fresh, and interesting.
  6. So then why doesn't he give any of them credit? I mean, I looked in one of his Middle School books on the first few pages and there's no citing of any other writer?
  7. It should be on the c.i.p page. Where you see the publication info. But sometimes depending on the publishing house not all the info you need will be shown in the book. Anywhere. That's when you take the isbn from that page or near the Barcode, and enter that into a library of Congress database (or Amazon :p) there you will "typically " find all the info there is about that particular publication. So to sum up. Depends on who printed the book they decided what goes on it. But if you look on amazon, for the book I mentioned above, you will see Michael Ledwidge's name on the cover.
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  8. Got it. Thanks! :D
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