How do you want to die?

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  1. I'm not trying to be all depressed or anything but I thought it would be kind of fun to see how people thought were cool ways to die. Personally I would like to die in a gunfight with the pope.

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  2. I want to die of old age, a ripe old age for about 100, maybe l0nger, let it be calm, and peaceful.

    But back to cool ways to die, I want to die being a ninja on a mission, saving someone, but yeah, thats probably not going to happen.

    Or I want to be in a pie eating contest, win, and die painlessly.
  3. Either Tickeled to death or death after i high-five Notch
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  4. I want to genetically engineer a rea life creeper, that accidently explodes killing me and destroying all my research!
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  5. Either die being a hero or live long enough to be the villain ;)
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  6. In my sleep, painlessly and happily after a nice life :)
  7. I want to die in 3000, 100 years after my birth atleast. Then again, life expectancy is increasing all the time, so I could live to be 120. I want to feel no pain. I want to preferably die in my sleep, but if I die awake I'd like my wife, kids, and whatever pets I have (trust me, I love animals, i'd like to care for them my whole life) to be at my bedside.

    Or a cooler way to die:
    While feeding my axolotls when they're fully grown (they're currently 4 months old, but grow to full size after 1 year and a half), they have teeth (axolotls have no teeth...), and they eat my face :D
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  8. i want to get eaten by tootless piranahs :)
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  9. I would want to die in peaceful mode.Sleeping face down on my pillow. Sleeping on my bed then I roll over and I fall in to whiteness (Did you get it?)

    Okay Um I would just want to die sleeping. 100 Years old and dying painlessly.

    Cool death:
    Being Tickled to death by Giant Hamsters (I'm talking 6 feet high while sitting down)
  10. I'd like to die after doing some extremely cool thing like jumping of a plane, land on a crashing in air plane and then kill people in mid air and then do 50 spins and shoot everywhere with a minigun and then die while crashing into the top of the longest building ever and reaching the ground
  11. Violent much?
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  12. I want to be the hero my city deserves, but not the one it needs.
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  13. Who says I want to die?
  14. Whoever made you live.
  15. God has spoken!
  16. Execution, Mob Style. Or slipping in a bathtub. One of the 2.
  17. A marshmallow lit on fire by keeping it over the campfire too long. As I try to blow it out it sticks to my face. Burning my face off and causing death.
  18. *Wins 10000000Billion dollar Lottery*


  19. I want to live to 9,oo1 year old and die from awsomeness
  20. i want to die doing a big fart on the toilet
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