How do you set up a system that pays players that put in any item?

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  1. Self-explanatory.How do you do this?
  2. We all know why you need this.
    For copying salesman thing. And this isnt possible unless you make it so you can sell every single item and...
    Well its just not possible
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  3. I believe it is...

    :S FREE
    [slot all]

    But I'm not sure.
  4. Have fun making a seperate :S 1 chest for every single item in the game :)
    That doesn't pay them, you could just use hoppers instead of that.
  5. A redstone system could be used to open a door when they through an item into a hopper and on the other side of the door could be a sell sign that buys one dirt and opens a trap door teleporting them away. I can so it for you if you want.
  6. That wouldn't work
    I'm not going to make :S1 chests for every item ITG
  7. I have made stuff that do things when you buy or sell to a shop so it isn't that hard. I can make a demo of it if you want to see.
  8. Replace :S FREE with whatever you want.
  9. hhhhhhmmm

    :S 10
    [slot all]
  10. Actually I've just realised that it would work with an iron door
  11. Forgot one line. The second line is 1. Slot all is correct though. I forgot that.
  12. What if there is nothing in slot 1? Then he's buying absolutely nothing and paying for it.
    How do you intend to stop people from being able to use blocklag to break the door and hit the sign? Or have one person put in an item and have 5 other people go through the door with him at the same time?
    That's your choice. IMO it's your project so you should be making up your own solutions. Don't be lazy when you ask for help for your own project and an answer is given ;)
  13. Would you like me to build it for you?
  14. That's not how it works.
  15. The chest would have absolutely nothing inside, if he's using a buffer system. Also what if he got rid of the buffer system and in slot 6 (<-- or whatever slot) had lapis dye inside and I wanted to sell you some wool? Wouldn't work because he's already got the dye in there, the only thing that can be sold now is lapis.
    Nope, using block lag non-buyers can get through. Or you can have the door open when somebody throws an item or whatever, and 10 people can walk right in while that one person is using it. Also what if the person doesn't have dirt with him, he just lost out on money.
    If it's not it would say slot shop not recognized, right? Then he can't buy anything and he won't be paying anything either. /System broken
  16. Yes
  17. Be sure to fix the following.

    -People that didn't bring any dirt to sell for money once they get in (You could just add a chest that sells dirt for free by the side, just don't make it abuseable.

    -People that brought friends along to walk into the door when they put in a single item, for more free money.

    -People can always use block lag to walk a little ways forward into your room before the server figures it out and puts them back, that's probably enough time to click the sign.
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  18. Ok. I will start a pm with you about building details.
    -sounds like a good idea. The dirt shop could hide itself and open up the chest with the sell sign.

    -That is a good point. Maybe a player checker of some sort could do this job. Also since who can enter and who actually enters will be logged, cheaters will be caught easily.

    -I don't think block lag will be an issue since the transaction would take place on the server and the lag would just confuse the server momentarily.
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  19. I've tested it, if you break a block without build perms and click on a shop sign, it also registers that you clicked the sign along with replacing the block, allowing that you happen. You could have the player walk around corners or something, maybe around a wall so by the time they actually get their block lag would have been fixed?

    I don't really see a way to check players which prevents all but one from entering.
  20. The player checker was more of an idea. Like I said the server logs all transactions which means if someone does cheat we will have evidence and I believe that counts as cheating and is bannable.