How do you private message a mod?!?!?!

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  1. A few minutes ago i was banned for making a sand gen even though i didn't know that it was "illegal" since cobble gens are ok but i need help, i dont know how to private message to get unbanned. So please i need help cause i cant lose this server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. If you read the guide, you would know its illegal, and not to post ban appeals as threads.
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  3. this isnt a ban appeal its help using the website
  4. /facepalm
    It's a ban appeal.
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  5. i think on the front page i huge flashing red green blue purple white and black letters that say "TO APPEAL A BAN PM A MODERATOR BY GOING TO INBOX AND CLICKING START NEW CONVERSATION"
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  7. Please TRY to be helpful. He's not saying "LOLZUNBANMEFUUUUUUUU"... he's asking for help because he doesn't know how to PM a moderator. So point him to the right place, and tell him to use the guide. Try not to be a jerk unless they're being ridiculous.

    Eagles3620, the link above me works just fine, and for the future, you can click the name of a moderator and click "start conversation" to enter a conversation with them. Seriously though, use the guide. It's all in there :) good luck!

    EDIT: also, if you want to be taken seriously, try to cut down on the number of punctuation marks you use.
  8. Come on guys, dont play games with him. Lets be serious.
    How to PM a mod.
    1. Get a clean sock.
    2. Get a lot of butter.
    3. Fill the sock with butter.
    4. Procede to hit yourself many times because you didnt read the guide, and then you didnt do a simple search.
    Have a good, buttery day:)
  9. i LOVE butter!
  10. Lol sorry, i just saw he was already helped and i am always tempted to post this in these threads, so i was likt WTH! XD
  11. i thought it was kinda funny and i still cant find where it says it in the guide
  12. ok thanks
  13. if it was a ban appeal id be asking to be unnbanned, in this im asking how to pm
  14. I don't think it comes right out and says SAND GENERATORS ARE BANNED, but
    3. Thou Shalt Not Cheat

    Don’t use any mods or game exploits that give an advantage over other players. This includes see-through texture packs, modifications that allow you to move, jump or fly in a way not intended by the default game settings, and any game glitch or exploit that gives you an unfair advantage of any kind over other players. If you are caught cheating you will be permanently banned. If you are unsure whether a certain mod or other activity is allowed ask a moderator.
  15. You did throw an excuse in, which probably led people to believe you were starting to build a case. As Pandas shows above, it's covered indirectly in the Guide. It 's hard to not know it's a glitch and if you had looked in the Forums you would have found evidence that it's not allowed.
  16. ok thanks