how do you pm a person?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by jojofry1294, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. i was just wondering how to pm.
  2. Go into inbox and click start a new conversation. Why were you banned? Just curious.
  3. Nevermind, I did /p your name. And seriously, 3 hour temp-ban and you're appealing?
  4. swore and no warning
  5. it was 5hrs
  6. You don't need to appeal a ban that is five hours. It will be over in five hours.
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  7. You're supposed to know the rules beforehand you know...
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  8. You can get a appeal when you get perm-banned. Not temp-banned
  9. i got reduced to 1hr yaay
  10. Well, I gotta say, I'm amazed you managed to get it reduced...
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  11. It wasn't reduced, it counted down to 1 hour.
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  12. Oh wha?
    Never mind then lol.
  13. it was krysyyjane9191 reduced it from the 3 and a half hrs i had at the time and gave me 1
  14. So your profile says that you are 17 but from your picture you're obviously like 11, not a good idea to lie about your age.
  15. From his grammar and spelling he seems to be 8.
  16. Lol my profile says im like 30? But im only 15. ;)
  17. HOLY CRAP, I just got 7 alerts, all from this thread. Stop liking my posts guys ;) jk
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  18. Go read the terms and conditions again.
  19. I know >.>
  20. Hmm How to do you PM a person...

    I'll help you. Just PM me so I can tell you
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