How do you make Obsidian Gen?

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  1. I need help making a obsidian generator, does anybody know and can anybody help me? Post if you know anything about it.
  2. I recommend searching on YouTube, very simple, very fast, very cheap, they work very well.
  3. String or Redstone?
  4. How do you make one with string?
  5. So far this is the best design I've found:

    It only produces one block at a time, but it's much safer than piston designs, since pistons still glitch out so often. And of course you can use several of these at once (though their behavior changes slightly if they're placed side-by-side).
    Good luck!
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  6. There's one in my residence. Works basically the same as a Redstone one, but with String. Feel free to check it out.
  7. Here is what I use. Although, it is quite outdated.
  8. Thank you all for the help, guys! :D
  9. Best obsidian "generator":
    - dig to level 11
    - dig tunnels at level 11 until you find a lava lake (find some diamonds, redstone and gold along)
    - pour water over lava, turning it into obsidian
    - dig out one block of stone adjacent to obsidian and put water inside
    - dig obsidian adjacent to water, so that water extinguishes lava as soon as it is uncovered
    - sell surplus materials to 12162 @ smp6 and get rich fast ;)
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  10. ill build u one if u want
  11. Put redstone next to water and pour lava over it.
  12. Well, I'd say this is one is the most helpful yet. :)
  13. Go to 6681 to section generators, I have one there check it out