How do you make a shop?

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  1. :( Shops are so hard I dont understand how to make them, Please reply of how!
  2. Materials:
    Item you are selling

    Step 1: Place Chest on the ground, then place the Sign on an adjacent brick.

    Step 2: Set the sign up like this--

    [Your Name]
    [Amount you are buying]
    [Item Name]

    A sign selling Dirt Blocks should look like this--

    Your Name

    Step 3: Place your item(s) inside the chest.

    Step 4: Attract customers, and restock occasionally.
  3. lol, I seriously thought this was a joke thread when I saw the title. This question gets asked entirely too much.

    Thank you Starcraft, for posting the link to the Shop Guide.

    Soybeen, your instructions are a bit misleading in places. The Guide explains it well.
  4. *cough cough*

    I also taught him in game. So now he knows. He needed some one on one help, and he understood my directions perfectly.

    No problems here.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to help him Soybeen. Glad you got it figured out Bumpy. :)
  6. Soy why are you repeating eminems song? x3 It is even on your R0BL0X Profile
  7. The message is great.
  8. Just thought I'd add that the one thing people seem to misunderstand is that the first line should be left blank. Your name will be entered automatically when you finish.

    That and the item id in the bottom row does not need to be all caps, just for aesthetic purposes.