How do you keep rail thats going up or down mob (spawn) free ?

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  1. How do you keep rail thats going up or down mob (spawn) free.
    Because thats really a big problem, instead minecarts push or splatter mobs you bounce off and go back.
  2. Put a slab above the rail. So its like this:

    You won't suffocate.
  3. Obviously, lighting rail will reduce the number of hostile mobs.

    Flat rail can have a transparent block (half slab or glass or leaves) placed over top of it.

    If you are going down, use a drop instead of rail.

    I would avoid going upwards whenever possible as it costs more and I don't think there's a cheap way to stop mobs. You can mitigate carts backfiring with one-way gates. (Use a two-block drop instead or detector/boost if you want more reliability.) By placing a booster at the bottom of the two-block drop, the cart will keep firing forward until it can get through the mob.
  4. You put the slab directly above the rail. There's no need for an air block. If you added the air block because this is going uphill, it wont affect mob spawning because they only need two blocks of height.
  5. No, let me re do that poor diagram.

    ==Topslab==One block off the ground==

    Well, technically it could also be a bottom slab..

    Don't judge me
  6. The only solution. because its a 2 way track up and down is add more light then i have already.
  7. Well voxel mobs can't walk onto rails in less forced to so I would believe won't spawn on them. So just put slabs on the ceiling left and right of the rail and torches under the slabs for light
  8. You could also do the slabs above the rail but you would have to break the block above each slab and put torches around the rail
  9. I'm not certain if it changed, but zombie pigmen at least used to spawn on rails, and torches don't help. The slab method should work, though. Instead of slabs, you can use any transparent block too. Just don't get out of the minecart unless you want to get stuck.
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  10. Hmm, last time i tried a slab the slab blocked the minecart. if i place the slab one higher it can work. but i think that there's enough spawn space for pgmens then. remember its not a flat track.
  11. Ok I'm not sure if anything with slabs works; I haven't tried. I was just wandering the nether and it occurred to me: pistons. You could use detector rails and pistons to clear the track ahead of you. For short uphills it might even be affordable.
  12. Hmm, sofar i know pistons dont push mobs away. but pistons is to expensive
    means it need to be around 200 pistons etc. Just live with a mob on the track :O
  13. 200 is if you are going from the bottom of the nether to the top, and pistons definitely push mobs.
  14. Ok.. need to test that in sandbox first. :O
  15. This is what he means:
    *ignore the background its my testing server*

  16. slabbing is the safest method, but has some problems with slopes. A minecart can get stuck at the beginning and end of the hill. These parts cant be slabbed.
  17. Thats the most usefull info for now, because thats what happend with slabbing on slope. so i can experiment a bit with that now. except theere short slopes many times.
  18. Hoppers are transparent (mobs will not spawn on them) but also allow you to place rail on top of them. If you use hoppers for the steps the rail slopes down, no mobs will spawn on the track.
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  19. Genius, though expensive. Is that the only transparent block that will take rails?
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  20. That also has problems if you are using chest minecarts and don't want to lose items, although I guess you can fill all the slots with dirt.