How do you get good villagers?

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  1. I see people with silk touch books and picks by trading with villager. How do i go about finding one of these villagers?
  2. You need to trade with a "lame" villager, then it'll upgrade it's trades.
  3. You murder it.
  4. Knife.jpg
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  5. I just keep giving birth to it then killing it until it's what I want :p
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  6. Just eggify it over and over until you get the deal you are looking for?
  7. Is this because of my villagers?
  8. Hasorko is quite right; you need to arm yourself with a lot of patience. You keep egging and spawning over and over again. The white coats seem to have to best chance of giving enchanted books if that's what you're looking for.
    In my experience I need to spawn between 100 and 150 villagers before I get one that will exchange emeralds for an enchanted boook.
  9. Patience is the key. I've gotten 4 silk touch villagers.
  10. Or you could trade with a villager ALOT and get that good stuff. If you have seen my villagers, one has 12 trades.
  11. Really? cuz i said that before him. . . so i get credit
  12. Hasorko is more popular (no offense) so most people like to agree with the popular guy. (My guess)
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  13. Well you see i was sitting there for 2 hours eggifiying over and over....
  14. Just keep trading with a white shirt dude (eventually get enchant books) or a pink shirt dude (eventually get enchanted tools) and you will be happy.
  15. I didnt meant to offend you, with kinda saying the same ^^ But I was feeling like the word "eggify" is missing in the explanation. In case the thread owner didnt know it was existing he could have asked then what eggify means. ^^
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  16. Yes! got a silk pickaxe villager! now once i have out used him, is there a way to reset him without the eggifying proccess over and over?
  17. Use the new new trades it gives you. It should eventually restore it.
  18. No dude, it's all good xD