How do you get disk 11?

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  1. I was playing (smp6) and a guy played disk 11, i asked how he got it and he said it was a secret. I'm just wondering if there was any was to get it because you cant get it in survival or the way to get a skeleton to kill a creeper.

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  2. I don't know
  3. He spawned it in probably but I didn't hear it
  4. Probably from /shop...
  5. /shop most likely. Very likely in fact.
  6. the shop doesn't sell discs
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  7. EMC shop for like 300r or 500r
  8. Step 1) Join Server
    Step 2) /shop
    Step 3) Buy Disk 11
    Step 4) Profit
  9. which colored store is it in because i cant find the disks in the EMC shop (im on smp6)
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  10. But it does. So I don't understand this comment.
  11. nevermind i found the disk in the purple store kinda wierd how its in the armour and weapons shop
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  12. I'm on smp4 and standing in the purple section, staring right at them.

    Edit: lol yeah. I was actually running around the store for several minutes because I forgot what section they were in. And kept skipping the purple store.
  13. yeah me too i bought some
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  14. sorry stupid thread cant believe i didnt see them
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