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  1. Some one keeps stealing the bricks from my tunnel destroying my tunnel as well as destroying my workshop and stealing the furnances there. My underground food suppLy has been wiped out. It will take several hours to repair the damage. How do i find out who did it?
  2. You can't, Unless it's on your res then do /res default
  3. I'm guessing it's in the wild. You could perhaps report your location to the admins and moderators so that they can watch it. Then if they see someone they can quickly go to them spy on them and resolve this issue ;)
  4. No offense, but it sounds you might be to close to the spawn as well... The further away you are, The more likely you will deter the lazy griefers. 1000 blocks out makes a monumental difference. I hope you the best though
  5. You should put a sign above your chest saying [lock] that way your food supply won't and cant be stolen.
    + relating to what the others said about distance, i'd travel out of wilderness for about 5 minutes to find an unexplored area.
  6. I did do that in my work shop so they did not get my main chest or the stuff in it. but they destroyed my shop took all of my furnaces. They did a lot of damage to the public underground passageway and rail system I was building. 2 weeks of very hard and long work ruined.

    oh and my shop was underground in a area no one was in. takes a good 5-10 minutes to get to the end of the tunnel.
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  7. Furnaces aren't too valuble, they're only typically worth the labour of mining 8 cobble stone, unless someone's silly enough to leave coal/ore lingering inside.
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  8. if i was a griefer witch im not im againest it wouldnt keep posting "go out far" or "your near spawn leave and go somewhere else" cus i would see that post and think that if i get lots of food some mods maybe hacked client and then i can go and wipe out everyone! using live map etc!!
  9. There are many ways of cheating the live map, for example, build underground, or build a house far out on land, but just cover the roof in dirt with grass growing on it. That way anyone looking at the live map from a birdseye view can't tell the difference.
  10. yeah then go HD view get everything side on thats the problem
  11. Build a dirt hill around it smoothly sloping into land?
  12. just build underground will be better :D