How do you download maps on windows?

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  1. I need a legit tutorial step by step of how to download minecraft maps online and play them, if anyone can either type one, refer me to another thread of find a 'LEGIT' and useful webpage for one, please post below :). PS. windows only.
  2. SoulPunisher posted a tut, but Ill post a link to a site where you can get maps.

    You can find maps, mods and such there. =P
  3. I'll add a bit to it :).
    1. First, go to Or planetminecraft and find a map.
    2. Once downloaded, unzip the file and you should get one of those typical yellow ones.
    3. Press Windows Key and R, in the box type %appdata% and press enter.
    4. Open the .minecraft folder.
    5. Look for the Saves folder. Open it.
    6. Drag the unzipped world file into there and it should be good, you just open Minecraft, login and choose it from the list when you go to load a game.
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  4. There was a tut posted, but nice to see friendly peeps :)
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