How do you add tabs to the sidebar in the forum?(The sidebar under the EMC logo.)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by honam1021, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Justin:I want to konw how to do that!
  2. You can't because you aren't administrator of the forum, just a member.
  3. I mean that I have a forum that is also using XenForo,and I want to add a tab to show something,NOT adding tabs at here.
  4. You're talking about these correct?

  5. No, is this one.
    Screenshot - 27_11_2011 , 22_46_53.png
  6. Oh, that. No, I don't use XenForo, sorry.
  7. Oh that is a navbar (short for navigation bar), not a sidebar.

    to do that it's rather simple. because of my lack of knowing your ability and the fact you had to ask, I don't really feel like explaining it in more detail so I am going to suggest an addon for you. here it is.
  8. Yeah, sidebars are at the side xD
  9. Sorry for bad English....
  10. Oh, i'm not good at English too sometimes ;)