How do u think politically?

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  1. Hi guys! U may know me u may not , I've been on Emc for a couple months but i wanna learn a bit about u guys. I am real interested in politics and political science (possible major :) ) and I like to have political discussions lol. SO feel free to post how u think politically and maybe we can get some nice debates firing in here ! Lol :D
  2. Be careful here, this could begin the flames of a forum war.
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  3. That might be exciting. :p
  4. This is going to end badly. And for the record, I hate all politicians.
  5. :( I want friendly debates!
  6. Hi, my dad is a liberal politic, he fitgh aginst dictatorship in my country, he got 1 year in prison by the dictatorship in my country. This guy was dictator for many years, also he got help from USA, to make longer his evil plans.
    This is the guy who my dad, and my family hated, and still hate.
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  7. Nice your dad seems like an amazing person.
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  8. The only honest politicians are the ones, who have not been caught yet. In the USA, corporations fund and control everything. That's just the way it is. Just follow the money and how many $5000 a plate dinners, politicians have through out the year.
  9. i consider myself a skeptic politically, i refuse to set myself in a single category because i dont agree with any of them unanimously. fiscally i believe in personal responsibility as well as social programs to help out those in need. socially i believe in personal freedoms of all kinds whether it be the right to marry, carry arms, get out of an unwanted pregnancy, or to refuse to testify against yourself to a corrections officer. freedom is a big ideal to me overall
  10. Politics is a interesting subject. It is mind boggling. It's all very hypocritical. Just like with the current bill about the filibuster, in 2005 democrats in the senate said it would ruin the American government and is unconstitutional. Now, the democrats are saying the complete opposite. Don't get me wrong, both sides are in the wrong for going back and forth between arguments. The media is terrible. They only focus on the bad things. They focus on only the big bills, not the little ones. They focus on a politicians social life, not his political life---which is what we based our votes on.

    Basically.....I am not going to state my political opinion because I am afraid of starting a forum war, which occurred when some genius decided to make a Obama vs. Romney forum in 2012.

    Oh and, no, the Nazi's did not bomb Pearl Harbor... (If you get that reference you get over 9000 points added towards your awesomeness score.)
  11. I personally believe like u in that fiscally u need social programs to keep everyone happy, but I think regulating is important to make sure things don't go crazy. I guess I kind of feel that in a society where everyone helped each other out everyone would be happy(socialism) but u always have those conservatives who can't see to Agree on anything lol
  12. I'm an anti-federalist... not really. I describe myself as a liberal. We're not perfect, but the tea party has gone crazy!
    *waits for eminent flame war and possible MAD*
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  14. I...
    I am just going to say as we Californian's do:
    Whatevez Broski.
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  15. I prefer the liberal stance. I find it ironic how conservatives are the pro-life group, but support executions a little more. I also am not starting any arguments, but it seems to me that republicans are a lot more religiously entwined, which isn't really my thing.
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  16. I think that most politics are absolute idiots. There is no party or person which truly known what they are doing. I would say I am an independent but i tend to lean more towards the democratic side of things. It is not just the us, everywhere in the world has government problems and some issues with leadership. I have a friend who was a monk that was born in england. he said even there politics were corrupt. I in the words of IcC, "Long story short, our goverment doesn't know what it is doing and hasn't for a long time".

  17. If you researched about most conservatives' stance on the sanctity of life you wouldn't find it ironic you would think it makes sense.
  18. not really, they support children (who would otherwise not be born) being born to low income families, then cut welfare and other social programs that allow those children a shot at a good life. So you say a child must be born, but once the child is born they are not worth being taken care of?
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  19. What they say is that is that a person should at least be given a shot at life in general.
    From there it is up to the parents to care, the government can only do so much with funds to help every single child in this situation.
    I had a friend who was almost killed at birth because his original low income family could not care for him after he was born. However, they gave him up to the state, who cared for him. It was not the best conditions, all the way in the downtown which is a poorer area. Eventually though he was adopted and lived a great life from there onward, because he at least had a shot at life.

    And for me on politics... I don't like politicians too much. I suppose I'd lean towards conservative a little more if politicians did not become so wrapped up in their own partisans. That's why the government has no idea what it's doing, because two sides are just fighting and getting nothing done. -_-