how do they get so much XP

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  1. when i go into the auctions i see people selling enchanted items that seems like it would take 300XP to enchant. i have a mob spawner and it takes me like a day to get to 30 XP how do they do it
  2. Spider spawner.they drop more xp I think..what smp is the grinder on?
  3. same as u smp4
  4. Can I please use it as well I'll pay you pleeease
  5. YeA sure but please dont tell any 1 else k
  6. Awesome, pm me with the cords:D
  7. K also when u get around lvl 30-35 each 30 min only raises a lvl or 2
  8. Awesome I <3 you. Can you please pm me were it is
  9. I don't use a spider spawner...
  10. i find that fastest way is blaze apwn, plus u get blaze rods that u can sell =)
  11. Ooo, I'll pay you 500r for coords to one on utopia?
  12. i have on in a secret place that only supporters know about :p
    -sincerely with the best of hopes of you getting a spawner half as good as mine,
    Bobert Robert
  13. And I know exactly what you're talking about :)
  14. When every i find a blaze spawn it takes like 3 min for 1 to spawn
  15. blaze spawners are good for minimal effort, there are plenty on utopia if you are prepared to go exploring, i found 4 sets of nether fortresses on my explorations, though 1 was small and i didn't find a spawner on it.

    i think most of the people doing the big enchants have more elaborate systems than just sitting on a spawner, like maybe have found multiple spawners close together and have a way of half killing them with fall damage so they just have to 1 hit an endless stream of mobs.
  16. Lol, yep.
  17. Dang u make it sound amazing wat is it like 4 spawners right next to each other