how do i report a player?

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  1. not sure if its the right section. but i have a home in the frontier asking players not to destroy things. i have chest and animals. a guy went and killed all my animals and took items from my chest but left a signed that said griefb by <removed>. i have a screenshot.
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  2. Well, you should post the screenshot and I don't know the exact command for reporting a player, but you could just PM a moderator or any other staff with the screenshot too. On the website of course.
  3. If their is anything you need help with in the future, the Wiki can help you with it all :)
  4. Well, the easier way is doing /report name reason

    However, for something like griefing, I would recommend starting a PM with a staff member, either in game or on the forums, as it is better at those times to be able to keep up correspondence with the people handling the matter.

    Hope this helped :)
  5. PM me the details.
    I have removed the player named as I doubt a griefer would put their own name down.
    [UPDATE- Griefer had already been caught griefing another player. Apparently my previous statement about a griefer wouldn't leave their own name was false]
  6. haha that person has a lot of guts. but really thank you i appreciate everyone's help.