How do I put Optifine into a Modpack?

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  1. Hey all. So I am going to do a Lets Play Hexxit series and I want to put Optifine on it to make it go faster and smoother. Anyone know How I add it? I am on Windows 8 and I have the Technic launcher. Its how I open it up. I have no clue how to do it. Please help me :C
  2. You do know 1.7 optifine isn't out yet, right?
  3. Hexxit and all those things are on 1.5.2
  4. Download the optifine (I believe 1.5.2)
    Open up %Appdata%
    Go to roaming folder
    Go to .technic folder
    Then go to .tekkitlite or whichever it's called
    Open Bin
    Then open modpack with winzip or something similar
    ---open your optifine as well with winzip or something similar
    Drag everything from the optifine over to the other one - and that should be it.
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  5. So I put everything from the Optifine folder into Hexxit but for some reason in hexxit the mod isnt there..?
  6. Inside hexxit, go to bin folder, locate the modpack file - and 'open with' winrar, 7zip, winzip, etc ...
  7. When I open the modpack folder this happens
    Screenshot (18).png
  8. Did you left click it or right click and 'open with' ?
  9. Alright I have this open now Screenshot (19).png
  10. Nice - now also open the optifine file using winrar - and move all the files within the optifine winrar folder - to the modpack winrar folder (aka. extracting)