how do i port forward my minecraft server

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  1. i looked it up on Google and all i saw was "look it up on Google" i have a 2wire 3801hgv router so can someone help me port forward it so i can play in private with my friend
  2. Idk, but type your IP address in your default browser, and ask your network admin to enter the password, after that it should be kinda clear
  3. Ok, I could guide you if you wanted me to, But I need screenshots as we go along so I can direct.
  4. it says "Google chrome could not connect to _________"
  5. all it does is google serches my ip and tells me about a server from 1992
  6. What exactly are you entering in the address bar?
  7. Google search The name of your router + sign in.

    So google search 2wire Wireless router login. There should be a pag that, when clicked, will present you with a pop-up that allows you to login. Default passwords are usually "Admin" and "password"
  8. To make it easy for you:

    Note: the address depends on what firmware or the series of 2wire you have... there are only 2 valid addresses for 2wire modems. either or
  9. Also It sounds like Chrome is just searching the IP instead of actually opening the router page. Have you tried another browser? That's about all I can help with, as I can't even do this I don't think. I sadly have to use Hamachi.
  10. i tryed ie and it did the same thing
  11. Sheesh, Type to access your router.
  12. That's odd...wait, when I search 2wire 3801hgv I get AT&T Modem instead of router?
  13. it won't work
  14. So after a google search here is what I found:
    1. Pull up the command prompt and type in "ipconfig" without quotes and put the default gateway number in the url bar on your preferred web browser.
    2. Then on that page go to the firewall tab under the settings tab and open the applications tab. Then select your computer form the list and scroll down until you see the "add a new user defined application" button. Click it.
    3. Then fill out the application profile name (can be whatever you want, I used minecraft) and fill out the ports you want. (I think the default port is 25565) Make sure the protocol is TCP and the application type is FTP. Leave everything blank. Select add to list.
    4. It should ask for a password, I believe the default password is on the box, labeled system password. (If you know your password, ignore this post)
    5. Then, open up the minecraft server program. It should ask for the port it should use, defaulting to 25565.(I think)
    6. One thing i should tell you, you will need to find the "access code" for other to access your port. It is ether your Ipv4 (found in your command prompt under ipconfig) or it is your wide area connection number, found on this website: I do not know of any other way of getting the wide area connection number, or which number you will need to use. Edit: use the number from, it is the one you need to use.
  15. Just an FYI, You don't need to type the port if it's 25565
  16. now what..JPG
    what d i do now?
  17. Port box should have 25565 in them.
  18. both?