How do i make my image show up

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SaizoTheFifth, May 20, 2013.

  1. I made a pic for my signature and did the BB code and it didn't work I need help!
  2. Try a IMG code.
  3. this is what happened
  4. and it was a good signature pic too
  5. You sure the / is on the right side? I've had to make that mistake bout' a thousand times.
  6. It seems as if you're using the link to your hard drive, upload to, and click the insert image option, then insert the direct link.
  7. let me see:
    C:\Users\Gabriel\Desktop\gabeli's Signature.png[\img]
    [img]C:\Users\Gabriel\Desktop\gabeli's Signature.png
  8. is there another 'safer' way
  9. imgur is safe
  10. right click the image you want then select "copy image URL" go to your signature and click on the tree icon. Paste the URL into here
  11. ok I don't want my parents wondering....
  12. thx guys for your help!
  13. no problemo;)