How do I make a Minecraft multiplayer server? (No Hamachi, please!)

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Have you made a server successfully?

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  1. I have forever tried to create a successful Minecraft server but I've always failed at it. I can join just fine but my friends always have trouble connecting. I also tried Bukkit, but that never worked because the .bat file can never find the bukkit.jar thingy. Please help if you have a solution/solutions. Thank you!!!

  2. ICC and JustinGuy don't like people talking about their
    own servers. I suggest searching this on google.
  3. Tried that a lot, but I was never successful...
  4. Okay. Search some Minecraft forums for info,
  5. Ok I'll try, again...
  6. my computers dumb so it cant even let me use mods or texture packs -_-
  7. That's not very good, I can use those, but not successful servers...
  8. u can ask how to make em just not advertise -_-
  9. Which is what I was doing, I'm only making this for me and my friends...
  10. i was saying that to the other guy lol not you but i dont know how to make one i forgot how i made mine :/
  11. I know just using your comment to tell him. :p
  12. ill try and look up something but hopefully someone can help you here
  13. Ok thanks! :D
  14. the problem might be port-forwarding. that was my problem too. me and a friend where trying to set a up a server, and that was the problem.
  15. I really think that's it. It makes a lot of sense and you barely need to think about it.
  16. Haven't you read what I wrote, (No Hamachi please). Not to be rude, but please read the title next time...
  17. i tryed to make one and when i opened the program and the command line spazzed out
    i said if i get this working i wold call it took to long craft
    it was going to be for my friends
  18. I guess I was concentrating too much on the part where you were failing to notice. I did mention that there were other VPN software packages. Did you notice that? Enjoy trying.
  19. what is a vpn software package?
  20. I had a similar problem with the .bat file. I fixed it by renaming the bukkit1.2.5.jar or whatever it was titled to bukkit.jar