How do i know how many trophies i have?

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  1. How do i know how many trophies i have? and what are they used for
    and also how do i get from a new member to a nomal member?
  2. go to your profile name(click your name) to see your trophy points, click that number to see the trophies
  3. Your tophy points are displayed on your profile page, in the left hand column.

    You automatically become a Member from being an active member in the forums.
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  4. so basically after a certain number of posts/hours on the site you become a member. unless your a supporter of coarse.
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  5. ok cool
  6. You become a Member as soon as you reach 5 trophy points. :)
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  7. he should have 5 already, he has more than 30 forum posts....
  8. thats what i was thinkging because i saw the have more than 30 posts and saw i had like 34 or somthing but i didnt get the trophy.....

    does it take a while for it to regiser it?

    no wait dont worry i saw i got it now
  9. It's possible that is it to be honest. I'm guessing the forum does "checks" every "x" minutes or something and it just had to pass that. :)
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  10. yea probably. well its fixed now so thats good :cool:
  11. it's not that hard to get trophy points. Good luck!
  12. Trophy points are really just for bragging rights. The system was designed by the forum software we use (XenForo) and to be honest I don't even think it was completely done yet :) Currently the only thing they are good for is upgrading your title (if you are a free member), it goes like this:

    0 - New Member
    5 - Member
    25 - Active Member
    45 - Well-Known Member

    With that being said please don't go around posting on every thread you see. Make sure that it is not a super old thread that you are reviving cause that sucks :)