How do I join?

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  1. Please help me. I want to join this server and I don't know how. I'm probably asking a stupid question but I don't know how. Thanks!
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  2. Just enter in the multiplayer menu this IP:
    than you would be good to go!
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  3. Thanks!!!!!!
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  4. Well, since you have already made an account here, just choose which server will be your home server, and go to to find out that server's IP address. Then, type the IP in the place where you join servers from in the Minecraft.exe . Then have fun!

    Note: I'm pretty sure that you have to use the .exe to play on servers, and you can't play in browser on

    EDIT: Aarg, posted at the same time. You should use as the IP instead of :p
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  5. here are the ip's dj
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  6. You choose just all of them xD
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  7. And but that is only for gold and diamond supporters. (See
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  9. What If i Wanted Too
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  10. Most everything has been covered but might I say Welcome to the Empire!
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