How do I get out of wilderness! Please help!

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  1. If i try to do /home /nether or /town it will say you have to be in the town world and I am trying to go back to my resident
  2. You can either die or Use the livemap to get back
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  4. *facetomato*

    To get out of the wild you can: Die, eat tomatoes, or use the live map
  5. Town commands can only be used in Town worlds, or in protected spawns in the Nether or Wild. If you need to get back to town, you can use the live map to guide you back, as everyone has said. You can also die, as has been mentioned, but that will not always take you back to town/wild spawn. Dying will only take you back to the last place you slept (if that bed is not missing or obstructed). If it can't find a bed it will simply put you at wild spawn, where you can go back into town.
    No one has mentioned that you can just ask someone in town for the coordinates of the wild spawn, and use your own coordinates to walk back.
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