How Do I get Default Texture for Minecraft.

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  1. So 2 months ago i got this really bad textute pack and i want to change it back to default. How do I do so.

    :I have a Windows XP
    :Im bad with computers so if you can give me percise information(That would be awesome)
  2. Log into minecraft, go to texture packs. Press default?
  3. What this guy said:
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  4. I tried that. It still gives me the texture pack im using now
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  6. I tried that. It still gives me the texture pack im using now
  7. Did you install the texture pack directly in the jar file? This could have been the problem. Try force updating.
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  8. Awesome. Thanks daegoo, its back to the original
  9. Dang it took away my reis mini map xD
  10. You should still have your reis minimap stuff inside of your minecraft folder, forceupdate only clears your .jar file (Dunno if it still does that tho)
  11. This guy?!?!?!?!? I see how you are. >.>
  12. I just didn't feel like typing 'ImParanoid' :p
  13. Whatever you say mr.
  14. Indeed Sir.
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  15. To fix this just remove the META-INF file and redo whatever you do to get Rei's. I use MCPatcher so it's different for me than others.
  16. Use modloader for rei's minimap or even try magic launcher. Remeber to install texture packs in this folder from now on %appdata%/.minecraft/texturepacks
  17. Just after the update, I saw a comment from Twitch saying that the previous version of Rei's worked but it hadn't been udated for use with Modloader so you had to manually extract it to the jar file instead. I'm guessing this is why it's no longer working. You can probably verify this by checking your .minecraft/mods folder. If it's not there you probably did the manual installation.

    I would just re-install it either manually again or using Modloader or whatever your preference is.

    Found it. Post #11 here:
  18. Hmm, I like default, mostly because I cant get other packs, I can download that HD texture pack fix or whatever, It limits the textures I can use, I try to use videos, its still really confusing.
  19. I'd recommend Optifine, although you have probably heard of it before.
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