How do i get back to town?

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  1. I'm in the utopian wilds and totally lost. I thought I could just type /home and get me back. I was mistaken. Also, if I build a base in the wilds how do I set a teleport for that area? Sorry for noob questions. :)

  2. Ok, go to severs. Find the sever you are on. Then click on its live map. Then, go to the scroll area with the online players, click on you, and then start walking back! :)
  3. You can't set a tp for a base in the wild (at the moment!!) However, many of us diamond supporters have been discussing the possibility of a new perk involving portals to bases in the wild. Keep in mind that is a discussion and neither Justin nor Jeremy have commented on the subject yet to my knowledge.
  4. Oh, and those weren't completely noob questions. Better than "HOW DO I CLAIM A RES???" anyways. XD
  5. So you have to run between your wild base and your town base? This kind of setup will make everyone just park their wild base as close as possible. Tell me I'm wrong?
  6. You are partly correct, yes. But some people use very long railway systems that aren't as far out as their bases, or use nether portals to travel long distances, as 1 block in the nether is something like 50 blocks (although im not sure) in the overworld. By going into a nether portal and running for while or popping through lots of different nether portals people can make nearly ungriefable bases.
  7. How do you use nether portals to travel? Let me make a wild guess... you create a nether portal... cross into the nether... run the correct direction (how many blocks / 50) then create another portal on the nether side to pop you out?

    And rail... how fast is rail? So why exactly would a player have a town base and a wild base other than some weird need to torture his/her soul with irritating time consuming running? Sorry, getting frustrated by just thinking about it.
  8. I think 1 nether block is 8 overworld bocks.

    I myself don't really ever have to walk back to town, as we have free vault access right now. If I want to sell something, Ill just put it in the vault, and go to SMP3.
  9. You are poking many holes in my view of the wild bases. You'll have to consult Aikar, our master of wild communities, with these questions. And I think rail is at least twice as fast as running, and consumes no hunger, though laggy. Also, what many people do (because nether portals often pop you into the overworld in a completely random place) is they start with a portal, go to the nether, go back in, get popped out in some random spot, repeat many times until they know (via live map) they are really far out. Then found wild colony. That's my best guess.
  10. Just for claification... if you make a nether portal in the nether, it will pop u back in the normal world?
  11. yep :)
  12. Hold off building a base in the wild until the wilderness is reset (coming thursday - see front page) if you build anything now it will be gone on thursday.

    I build my wilderness base about 30,000 - 40,000 blocks away from the spawn point. For me I find an ocean, make a boat and sail until I find a new continent. Build a nether portal at my new base and make a tunnel in the nether back to a portal near the closest outpost. I try and keep your portals and tunnels hidden.

    Rei's Minimap mod is really really good for this, you can set waypoints at the outposts and use them to navigate when building your tunnels.

    As legit says, 1 block = 8 blocks in the nether, so travelling great distances still takes some time. It takes ~20 minutes to get to my base via the nether vs ~1 hour via boat in the wilderness. It's worth making it far away to deter griefers, as even on utopia we get them, and anything close to spawn will most likley get griefed at some point.

    hope that helps.
  13. Also,
    Yes, if you want to get greifed within the hour.

    And another thing; I (used) a rail to get to our base/grinder which was quite far away. It is definitely more efficient and for really long distances you can just go AFK for a while whilst in the cart. They're also good for using the forgotten "storage carts."
  14. Another answer to your question of getting home right now: put your entire inventory into your /vault (including armor you're wearing if you wish to keep it) and go for a swim in some lava or dive into water without swimming. I call it "suicide teleportation." It used to be a really bad idea because you would lose your XP, but since Justin's TEXP creation this is not the case.
  15. Wow. What a perk that would be!
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