How do i fix this?

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  1. I went back to one of my older series's i wrote, and i saw this when i opened the first book:
    how do i fix the text?
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  2. Maybe something wrong with the book, or the resolution or how the MC window is set up.
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  3. Did you space it when you copied it on to it? It could a problem with copy and paste.
  4. I gave the book to MasterMockery, and he hasn't touched it until he pulled it out of one of his chests.
  5. He's a cauliflower. Ruined your book.
  6. *gasp* HE MUST DIE!!!!!
  7. Duct tape or WD-40.

    Honestly I don't know. Might be able to ask Aikar. It would suck to have to re-write BUT if you've written the story in word or something, you can highlight and paste it into another book a little at a time. I did this once for an adventure map I was doing with a friend and the creator forgot to put the books in.