How do I figure out who banned me?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by SwedishMinerMan, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. I was banned for hacking accounts which i don't know what it is and I need to write a msg to the person who banned me.
  2. Oh thanks the minecraft gods! Someone who didn't just yell and beg to be unbanned! Thank you!
  3. So do you know how to figure out who banned me?
  4. It was Aikar.
  5. Yes I see it but could anyone help me out on what it is "hacking accounts"
  6. It means getting access to or attempting to get access to someone else's Minecraft (or EMC) account without their permission. Strictly speaking, it's called "cracking accounts", but the words get mixed up a lot nowadays.
  7. Okay now how do i find out who reported me for hacking accounts?
  8. So I hacked Aikar's account?
  9. Wait, who reported me to Aikar to ban me for "hacking Accounts"
  10. Thats something you can't find out. All that you can know is that Aikar is the person who banned you, so go write a message to him so this topic can be locked.
  11. I have already started on that thanks for the tip though.
  12. For the record noone reported it. I see suspicious activity all the time and find hacked accounts.

    My record so far is 31 perma bans in 30 minutes :/ Hacked accounts also get banned so we can force the user to verify they own the account and change their password.
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