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  1. I was wondering how do I embed links into text? like say you can go "here" for a link to the video
    and "here" would be a link but shown as text.
  2. You need to highlight the URL (or were you would type in a web site, and the paste it to where evr
  3. in HTML you do that with the tag like this:

    <a href=>here</a>

    then when you view that it would just say "here" but it would link to the website when clicked.

    on the forum there is a little button above the text box that shows you how to do it. it looks like a "link" of chain hence the term "link". it's on the bottom row and six icons from the far right side.
  4. Under the Undo button, which is to the right of the smile option. Highlight the text you want to link, the click the button.

  5. just type something, highlight it with your mouse and then click the icon on the left that i circled
  6. TEST
    EDIT: Ok that is sick, thanks guys! :)
  7. Nice link xD
  8. The code is fairly easy too - [url*=urlhere]messagethatislinkhere[/url] :)
    * Not included
  9. could someone help me with this, i still dont know how to make a spoiler with a picture?
  10. [spoiler*]paste picture here[/spoiler]
    No *
  11. Thanks ! =D
  12. No problems :)