How do I contact the people that run the server?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by virusclanleader, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. Yea I need some help so could someone pleeeez tell meee
    That's a list of the staff - although you can't PM JustinGuy. If you need admin help PM IcecreamCow, if not, any mod will be able to help you. :)
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  3. In addition to what Jack said, we forum regulars can sometimes help you too:)
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  4. don't forget, actually reading the guide would have answered this! whoooohoooo!
  5. Noone runs the server actually. Notch just wills it to be!
  6. One more do I pm lol
  7. I agree. Read the Guide to see if you can find an answer for a question you have. Only create a thread if you can't find the answer for your question.
  8. well, they were SUPPOSED to read it before they even started playing. lol, sad thing is, they don't. tisk tisk
  9. I know. Don't you hate when someone gets right out of the tutorial and then asks a ton of questions that are answered on the guide.
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  10. I remember that when I first joined a friend offered to give me the answers. He took so long, so I just checked the Guide and did it on my own. Kids these days...
  11. /ban
  12. And when someone tells them to read the Guide, some other person lets the person who asked know the answer, so that it becomes a habit to rely on others to give answers.
  13. New Rule: No answers! Just Guide!
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  14. Mega Agree!
  15. That's what I do... I don't get why it's so hard to read for some people. Just because it's a game doesn't mean you don't have to use basic reading skills. There's quite a few tutorial videos that walk you through the whole thing, without telling you why. I have lost hope in humanity...
  16. LOL
  17. What jack said. Just choose a staff member and click the start a conversation button.

    Locking thread, since it's been answered and will only go further off topic.
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