How do I change my signature to an image? HELP

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  1. I'm sorry if there is already a thread for this but i haven't been able to find one..

    How do I embed a picture or whatever it is I have to do to make it my signature?
    this is the image I want to change it to: Kage Usagi
    I have tried using the code and I have also tried just pasting the URL for the image to the insert image tab but it just doesn't work.
    Please help me?
  2. Upload the image to a sharing site like Then, copy either the direct link, or the regular link that gets provided. Go to the signature editor back here on EMC and click the button that has the tree on it. Just paste the image link there, and save it.
  3. Upload it to Imgur or Photobucket, get the URL, go to the insert image option, then paste the link and done!
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  4. thank you!! :D