How do I add downloaded worlds to minecraft?

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  1. I just downloaded a nyancat in not blocks world and want to try it out.
  2. Put the folder into your saves folder I beleive
  3. How do I access the world folder?
  4. Go into your .minecraft folder, then go to the folder labeled bin. Then go to saves. Then put the folder in there. That's the way it works for me, but I'm on a Mac.
  5. All I can find is my texture pack folder. Will this do?
  6. If all you can find is the texture pack folder, then something is messed up. I'll double check where my save files are.
  7. I searched up .minecraft folder and nothing came up.
  8. Do you have a single player world made?
  9. Then there should be a "save" folder in your .minecraft.Are you using a custom minecraft launcher?
  10. Its the official launcher. I still don't know what to do.
  11. go to your user files(whatever your account name on your computer is,you also need to have hidden folders visible),Then go to app data,then roaming,and .minecraft should be at the top.
  12. How do I make hidden folders visible? (This is my first time ever downloading a map..)
  13. Go to the run program and type in %appdata%. Then in that go to .minecraft. Then there should be a folder called saves. Put the file in there.
  14. go to your control panel,to folder options and there should be somewhere in the advanced settings "Hidden files and folders".Then there should be a clickable thing that says "show hidden files and folders."And then tada,follow my previous instructions.
  15. Ok, I got it into the bin, but how do I play it now?
  16. after putting it into your saves folder,just start up minecraft and play them.
  17. Dont go into the bin go into the saves.
  18. Steps,
    1-Go To the C disk
    2-Click "Users"
    3-Click On your user
    4-On the top bar Click it then type "%appdata%"
    5-Click on .minecraft
    6-Paste the world file into the saves folder
  19. Ok, it says its in the game, but its no where to be found? :confused: