How do I add a flash signature?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Sambish, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    How do i make my signature flash or htlm5?
  2. Have you tried without the
    [html](the html code)[/html]
  3. Yes I have
  4. It still doesnt work
  5. I'm not sure if it is even possible at all, at least not in XenForo.
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  6. Iframes can't be used in forum posts or signatures. Flash is not possible to use on the forum section of the stie.
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  7. Ok well thanks
  8. Will you ever support it?
  9. Save image-upload to EMC.
  10. Iframes are extremely insecure, so not iframes. Flash is also pretty insecure, can lag people out and is... well.. pretty bad. So it's very unlikely.
  11. Ok well thanks
  12. neither would ever be allowed. it would allow people to infect everyone with viruses... cant have that.
  13. Ok well i understand
  14. Multiple anti-viruses would flag EMC as 'unsafe', people will not want to visit a site where they could potentially get a virus... this is what happens if we were to use iFrame/Flash. It's extremely insecure and unsafe.
    Stick to .gifs ;)
  15. Yeah I just wanted to add a cool signature i made
  16. Change your .swf to a .gif. If the swf file is a game or something, it won't work. If your swf file is playing a video or something, just change it to a gif.