How Did you Ever Do this Shaun?...

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  1. I liked the old one better. However when I show people this game, that is one of the first things I show them.
  2. lavaflow false
  3. OMG :eek: :eek:
  4. I agree. EMC has made it possible for more epic creations like this :) PLEASE REPLY TO MY PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS JG AND GKJ :c
  5. The Best part is the lava false...
  6. I guess I should have at least one post on this thread considering it has named me in the title :p

    This planet originally had different rings around it: lapis blocks, glowstone, snow, soulsand and netherrack. I switch it when I learnt of the flow flag, it was quite a few trips to the nether and an about 8 inventory's full of buckets I think, maybe more.
    I can only imagine the mess that would create if the flow flag failed, it would be epic. :)
  7. How do you get the flow flag to work?
  8. Epic planet is Epic :D
  9. Hey, what's that Kong Co. place over in the corner there? (shameless plug :D)

    But yea, the flow-less, lava-ringed planet makes for an awesome neighbor. Thanks shaun!
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  10. This is one of the hidden secrets of EMC. When you type /res set flow false, lava and water will stop flowing. You can turn it back on again and it will stay how it is BUT if you place something too close it will start flowing again.
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  11. You can also do waterflow and lavaflow separately.
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  13. Cos he is awesome :p
  14. You Should add this to the Empire Guide...But Thanks!:D
  15. really cool ;) on which smp is this? :)
  16. I believe Smp6
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  17. It's smp4. ;)....unless there's a 2nd one in smp6?? :eek: :confused:
  18. Yeah I knew I was wrong...:)
  19. Where's King co? Is there any?
    King Kong XD