How did you discover EMC?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jtc0999, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. With all the new people joining, i thought i would make this thread. Tell how you found out about EMC.
    I found out about it when i was randomly searching on a website for new servers.
  2. With mikelito12398 and 1540Frank!
  3. Dabigwolf, reesethebeast12, and nkchwarren [(alternately known as supermangrant) currently inactive.]
  4. I saw the ad on
  5. I saw the server on like minecraft servers list or something like that
  6. Shon14 recommended it to me
  7. Looked up on Planet Minecraft: "Popular servers" and found SMP2.
  8. Same for me. :)
  9. me, i cant remember. the only thing i know is, this was the first server i looked at, and fell in love right away. i love a challenge, so the tutorial was something fun for me. after that, i wasnt a noob and asked commands :p i chose my res, got to building, burned it down, built, burnt it and reset. xD
  10. I was on another server and a guy (mastercheifster1) told me about EMC.
  11. I played a private server with friends but it got closed down. I loved playing multiplayer MC and i despise singleplayer i feel so alone. Empire was literally the first website i went on.... fell in love with the sound of currency and the fact that i have my own little patch of land that no1 can destroy. Love EMC!
  12. MCServerlist ad.