How did my shop get so popular??

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  1. My shop was always stocked because no one came to it but then one day it just got popular and everything was bought.. How did this happen? Im actually having trouble restocking everything now
  2. someone found ur store and is now reselling everything for twice as much.

    Wont mention anyone's names ;p
  3. Makes sense
  4. I think it is because you had good items being sold and since it was always stocked, people remembered your shop as a reliable one and recommended it to others. This is my theory:D
  5. Yup this makes a big difference :)
  6. I agree with way2smrt. It's not necessarily that you're too low. Check other stores prices. If your prices are in line with most other(serious) shops, the "problem" is that you're doing it right.

    It bothers me to have someone recommend a shop, I go there and find an empty chest. I actually keep notes about where I've found a reliable supply of particular items and periodically go back . I also take note of the duds.

    I run a shop with another person and work to supply another shop on SMP7. I check my Rupee history daily to see if I'm selling a lot of anything and the first thing I do when I log in is refill my bins. Whenever someone buys a lot of one item, I let them know that if they warn me ahead of time I can work on my supply ahead of time to make sure I won't be out when they need it. You may consider seeking an alliance with someone who can share the supply burden if you are having trouble keeping up.
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  7. Where is your shop?