How cuold I help the empire grow without donating money?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Retgool, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Hello. I am really sad that I needed to pay ALL of my money. My whole family has money problems, and I'm too young to have a credit card.
    So I really can't donate. But yet, I really want to help the empire grow, and get even better!
    Does anybody have any ideas on how I can do this?
  2. You shouldn't feel guilty about not donating, there's absolutely no obligation to. It helps tremendously to just spread the word about EMC.
  3. Yes, just start telling friends (maybe even random strangers) about EMC. More players means more potential supporters. Maybe even make videos of EMC creations and put on youtube? IDK, that could draw in a couple people.
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  4. What if you were to click on the ads on the EMC site and vote for it on all the server lists that can help the Empire grow ;)
    • Help other people, especially new players
    • Encourage your friends to play
    • Be nice
    • Have fun
  5. Yes, I forgot about that.
  6. Be helpful, nice and polite in chat, it makes people want to stay, believe me :)
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  7. Random rupee give-aways also lighten someone's opinion on EMC, Well the community at least :p
  8. Yea keep it growing by spreading the word...
    Hope we hit 50,000 by September!

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  10. Voting for EMC every day on Minestatus will help us grow, and you'll get rupees in the process!
  11. Sell yourself as a slave to Justin until you can pay off your donation debts.
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  12. if you have a website or go on other forums (not other mc server forums no advertising) and put a link up to this
  13. you can help ppl by offering free work
  14. I hope Fraps won't bring me to 3 fps. I know my laptop can give me 60 fps WITH fraps.
    • I am happy to jump to "/town" and immedeiatly help and give starting resources to starters!
    • Oops, they hate minecraft sooooo much... :(
    • I am happy to be nice to everyone (well, if theyr'e not hostile to me...)
    • Fun?! I am having the best time!
  15. You could start up an EMC (fan) chanell and make promotional/documentary videos about EMC servers, get inspiration from the yogscast. You could record amazing structures, interview users or staff members, you could start up a colony from day 1 and show it's progression along with adding comedy and drama to the video.

    Doing this gets thousands of views daily and it could massivly increase the popularity of EMC.
  16. If you need a cameraman just tell me.
    I have a really powerful pc and I have Fraps for it.
    It can record around 130 fps.
  17. I will record with you ;)
  18. Lol then if we record together it can be in 3D! xD Nah there is already a 3D option lol.
    But I guess so.
  19. Jsyk, i'd love to be a part of any recording, i love making dramas and acting ;3.