How can I make a spoiler?

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  1. So I want to create soon a giveaway, but my problem is, How can I make a spoiler for a raffle?, like this one. Please help :(.
  2. go to more>site help> BB Codes
    {spoiler="Whatever You WAnt It To Say!"}Text inside.{/spoiler} but it is with []'s, not {}'s.
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  3. Thanks, I think I need to explore more the EMC website :p.
  4. You can use [noparse][noparse][Code here][/code here][/noparse][/noparse]
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  5. All the tricky tricks in posts are done with Forum BB Code, if you remember all the shortcuts in that you'll be a pro in no time :D
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  6. Thanks :D

  7. I just made a spoiler.
    Prepare for incoming music: