How can i get my whole lot be snow layered?

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  1. I am from smp1 lot 1975. I visited lot 1969 and saw the whole lot is cover by snow..

    how can my lot same as that??? can someone give me tips? thanks.
  2. On smp1 back when we first launched we had weather in Town. The snow covered the lots that way. So currently we don't have an easy way to do it, sorry.
  3. nvm :) Thanks for answer...
  4. If you want snow on your lot you can put fences around your lot then make a snow golem ;D
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  5. Unfortunately though the coding doesn't allow for snowgolems to be created in town, it sees it as a hostile mob and destroys it straight away, Justin will be fixing this soon I believe. :)
  6. Justin rocks
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  7. i made a snow golem and he disapered, I almost cryed.. T.T oh and i hate snow :p lol I just wanted a snow golem gaurding my castle
  8. You can always do what I did. Buy for 30k rupees worth of "Snow Caps" at /store.
  9. the /store is a rip off -_- diamonds are like 100 and everyone sells 5
  10. Defiantly! But that was the only way you could get snow caps at that time.
  11. snow cap???
  12. A "snow cap" is the store name for the layer of snow on top of a regular block, just as you see it in snow biomes.
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  13. ok. thanks