How big is the map?

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  1. So how big is the wilderness? I saw a post where someone said they had a village 5 mc days out. If I'm correct 1 mc day is 10 mins long.So 5 would be about an hour from the spawn point.Is that correct?Is the wilderness that big or has Justin altered the size to be bigger than normal?It doesnt seem that big when looking at the live map.Does the live map even show how big the map really is?

    So many questions :p
  2. the map is infinite ;)
  3. The wilderness is infinitly spawned and the live map shows the wilderness that has been spawned so far.
  4. I heard something that on severs, there IS in fact a limit. After the limit is reached, the world will stop loading all together.
  5. Of course all systems have a limit, I remember reading somewhere it would take about 900 hours to walk to the edge. Mathematically speaking an MC world is about eight times the size of Earth.
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  6. Ok you guys just blew my mind.I had no clue the world's are that big.So technically as a supporter (hiding your live map status)you could go far enough out into the wild to live without being griefed.
  7. can we get a prize for reaching the end?
  8. Go that far out, might as well play single player lol