how addiced to minecraft are you?!?!

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  1. Im [SSSSssssSAD]

    post like this

    Im [your url that you are given]

    (1-24%=[ssss]) (25-54%=[sssad]) (75-100%=[SSSSssssSAD])
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  2. I hear this is really popular or it used to be on planet mc.. also on :)
  3. click it to take the test
  4. then post it

  5. Too bad EMC alone counts as 11 servers for me...
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  6. I'm

    Not bad :D
  7. I am Minecraft

  8. Not bad.

  9. Hellll yeahhhh!
  10. I wasn't actually trying to get 100 percent its really easy to lie on that quiz lul
  11. keep them coming tell yall "friends" (if you had lives but who am i to day i am 100%;))
  12. [SSSS]

    Erm o.o is this a good or bad thing? lol

    gosh dangit didn't work D: 95% o never mind.. ._. lol xD
  13. btw yall is awsm
  14. its good if you like being addicted lolz i got 100%
  15. also i putt that dragon in my sinature
  16. you put my dragon in your signature? ._. why? lol xD

  17. Reasonable, without shame ;)