how 2 become moderator

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by irlylikeicedtea, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. hey, does anyone know how to become a moderator?
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  2. Step 4: don't bother admins or mods about it. It will
    happen when it happens
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  3. Or make your own server and in the console type : "/op [your minecraft name]" and poof, you are a moderator.. xD
    ...but only for that server.. :(
  4. Oh yeah, true xD
  5. good one lol
  6. Or just, you know, quietly bribe ICC with cake..
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  7. And IRL biscuits.
  8. and by the way, i have my own server, and its really cruddy
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  9. Or bribe him with bacon flavored ice cream cake
  10. 12-13?
    1) How can you be 12-13
    2) You HAVE to be 13 to be on the server or you breaking the rules.
  11. Justin has said he really doesn't care about that age limit thing. It's required by US law, I think. Basically, they don't want us to have access to the Internet until we're 13. :/
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  12. But wut about the children sites! I love PBS kids!
  13. If you have to ask how to be a mod then you have already failed.
  14. Will do soon!
  15. I would but... I ALWAYS fail at making a server that works for other people!!!
  16. How do u do that quote thing? I have never been on a fourum before
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