Houses for sale at Server #9

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  1. Hey guys I'm selling 7x7 houses. And yes there are multiple houses, but they are EXACTLY the same design. Each house comes with a Door, Crafting Table, Furnace, and a large chest. Each house is 7x7 like I said before, and 4 blocks high. There is also windows(glass) 2 sides of each house. Also if you buy the house and later if you feel "uncomfortable" Then you can leave with a 30r refund!! There will be security provided for locking all the furniture just for you!! If for some reason your stuff gets stolen then we will give you a refund of 50r!! And all of this can be earned by just a low price of 50r!!! So please if you are intrested or have any questions leave a reply below. Thank you!!! :)
  2. Phew, I was worried sheep would start eating the table cloth!
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  3. Haha yea. Well you know sometimes people ask silly questions. I put that "just in case" if you know what I mean.
  4. Yes sir! I will get to that soon!
  5. Sorry guys I'm won't be able to upload pics until smp9 re-opens. Sorry if you wanted to see how the houses looked like. But I will assure you that the pics will come VERY soon. Thank You.