Houses For My Upcoming Adventure Map

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    So the title says it all, I need a few medium sized houses for a adventure map I'm making, the plot will be kept secret. I will need about 9 houses for my map. if there is more than 9 entries I will choose the best nine. The nine who I select will win 250r each. To send me the build you must have it on a single player world and put it up for download.

    This will be open for 2 weeks
    From 14/09/2013 - 28/09/2013

    > Has to be 20x32 (20 is the side, 32 is the front)
    > Has to be original
    > Cannot be huge
    > You can add stuff inside it too, furniture, Easter eggs, or signs with your info on it, etc.
    > No more than 3 floors (excl roof)
    > Need to built on a single player world
    > Needs to be on a superflat map

    Happy building!
  2. This is what is on it so far... 2013-09-15_22.44.16.png
  3. I might try this...