House Co.

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  1. Hello there EMCers My friend Tacsoccer32 is the best house builder.
    On our old server he built a giant taco.
    He built a mansion.
    He is the best builder out there.
    And You can have his service!
    Please PM me and I will also invite tacsoccer32 into the convo and we will make a deal.
    You won't regret having your next house made by House Co.
    To visit one of his houses he built on smp3 type /v tacsoccer32 (This is a sample house and not the house he lives in. He makes much better ones)


    House Co. is owned and funded by JeanZ Inc.
  2. unless i see pictures of these "amazing" builds then im still gonna believe the eclipsys is the BEST
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  3. No pics no clicks.
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  4. deal.
  5. Well we would have pics but but.. Ummm *cough* *cough* someone decided to close the server.
  6. hey! can you remake the taco in sp