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  1. So today in computer media, (a class at my highschool, pretty much an introductory for the other computer classes you can take in grade 10-12) we did this thing called Hour of Code, which aims to get people into coding, as programming is becoming a very big part of our world. Hour of Code is supported by some famous people, such as Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg, Gabe Newell, and even Obama, along with a lots of others. The stuff you do in the site is fairly basic, but if you're like me and want to do something with programming, (For me, video games) then it's worth a try. The site has links to more advanced coding if you want to try it. Happy coding. :)

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  2. My friend's uncle is a senator that took part in hosting this.
  3. I'd support "hour of redstone"...add something neat to your res with redstone and logic :)
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  4. After taking a Digital Logic Design class, I've been debating whether or not to build a working calculator on one of my reses :p
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  5. Well, you do that, And I'll try to get a piston to move...
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  6. Very awesome to see this kind of stuff in High Schools. Definitly take advantage of it before you have to pay for it in college :].
  7. This'd be something cool to do, but I have more important things to code atm :p
  8. If you do what I did - and dual enroll the computer classes in high school - you can graduate college early.
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  9. eh coding is so much woork, thanks aikar ;-;
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