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  1. Hey guys!

    A lot of you may remember the legend @ismooch who used to run these halls with me making EMC awesome! Well, today we get to share with you a more deeper side of his personal life than you've known before in the form of a Youtube Let's Play from his daughter Olivia.

    Olivia has fallen in love with watching Youtube Let's Plays on her PS Vita and Wii U Remote. It's gotten to the point where she actually sets up fake Let's Plays in the house. We'll hear her in her room talking to her 'followers' and talking to them like they're watching her live. So, we decided, what the heck, let's go ahead and throw her on a setup and see how she really does on an actual Let's Play.

    Surprisingly, she did pretty good for her first episode...a lot better than a ton I've seen from much older players in the past. Chances are we're going to definitely continue this and see if we can make Olivia a star.

    Here is her first video of her Creative Series. I can't really offer anything here in terms of a 'thank you' as in other places but I'm going to ask those who are interested to subscribe, like, and comment something nice on her video. She's just 5 years old and seeing comments will brighten up her day so much!

    You'll be considered a "Hot Toaster" in her videos (it's what she calls her followers) as her name is HotToastExpert. :)

    Thanks a ton guys!

  2. *goes to account*

    Like everything!

    I'm glad to see that she isn't doing it for the reasons that I see many people on Youtube doing nowadays, which is to become famous and get money. She seems like she's going it for the simple pleasure of making videos, and that's something I can get behind.
  3. Haha, that part of it is her dad/my job...but yeah, we're not really going to explain that part of it to her because it would take away the obvious fun she's having. :)
  4. Does she have a set plan yet on what she wants to do for the videos? Or is it just kind of an "I feel like making one right now" thing?

    Also, if you guys can, I would recommend using some of the really fun modpacks out there to enhance the experience for both those watching and herself.
  5. Right now we just started the series on a whim one day when the house was empty and she's used to playing on creative so we started there. We definitely have plans though to introduce adventure maps and mods and all that later. @ismooch has also gotten quite skilled recently in terms of Java'ing, so we may even someday make her some custom HotToast Mods, lol.

    Based on how timing of things work in our place, she'll have probably a good half hour to hour session at least once every week or two, and each one of those I can produce 3-5ish videos, so we should be good to go for a while as long as her excitement keeps up into it.
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  6. Episode 2 is up. She's having a blast doing these and reading everyone's comments. :)

  7. Couple days behind but Episode 3 is up. It also doubles as a sheep farm tutorial. :D

  8. I like these videos, she has some talent for future youtube account vids :)
  9. How on earth do you have a recording software to handle all this? Cuteness of that level can't be contained.
  10. I know right?
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  11. Definitely. We plan to expand her channel with future games/mods, etc. It's cool because she does it strictly for the whole game of it and wanting to have an audience and is too young to worry about the money part of it (which I definitely do with my channel).
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  12. New episode of the Creative Let's Play will be coming soon...but for an in-between video, we let her try playing Spleef and these are just some fun moments from that.