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  1. Currently on smp2, i am building a 9 floor hotel with a pool, restaurant, lounge and other things. Please donate game money to help me finish the hotel. People who donate will get a free 3 night stay in the Luxury suites! This normally would be a 500 rupee value. All you need to do is donate materials (mostly wood planks) to me so I can finish it. Rupee donations are also accepted
  2. I also am going to give 2 diamonds to anyone that donates rupees to me to build my hotel
  3. I would donate but:
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  4. Every donation counts, and if you do donate rupees, you will get 2 diamonds
  5. The first floor is just about complete. Conference room on the first floor is done and the lounge will be soon
  6. what is the hotel made of?
  7. it is made of wooden planks and other things
  8. Also, the normal rooms when completed will be 125 rupees per night and 300 for a luxury suite
  9. 5 rooms available
    Standard room: 125 rupees per night
    Luxury suite (not available): 300 rupees per night
    1 Floor private villa: 400 rupees per night
    2 Floor private villa: 600 rupees per night
  10. Just to give an FYI from another hotel owner, that's extremely expensive.

    You'd need to offer some amazing services / rooms to pull off that pricing. If you want to know more about hotels, feel free, I don't want to spam up your topic with those posts if you aren't interested.
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  11. we have a restaurant, hotel lounge, and a conference room for people who are on a server business trip
  12. I did different things with pricing:
    Standard Room: 50r per week
    Luxury Suite: 300r per week
    1 Floor Villa: 400r per week
    2 Floor Villa: 600r per week
  13. I finally have 2 luxury suites finished. When I get the money, i will put in a brewing stand, a cauldron, and an enchantment table into the luxury suites
  14. 2 more luxury suites close to being finished on the 3rd floor. 2 more standard rooms are also under construction on the 3rd floor