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  1. Hello i am marijn2552.
    I make a big hotel on residence 9168.
    A small room cost for ever 500 rupees en big 1500 rupees for ever.
    We have a Swimming pool, Cafe en a Loung.
    Come to 9168 en buy a room or donate, we need very hard for making more rooms.
  2. Guys this hotel is nice, I have a room there.
  3. me too i want a big one :D i cant come online though i will pay!
  4. Post some pictures then
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  5. Indeed.
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  6. I would like a room! :)
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  7. Me Too!! I Want Biggest One!!!!! what server? smp4??
  8. Jes my hotel is on Smp 4. The pool is bigger now en i make more big rooms. I am a much online come to Smp 4 res 9168 en see you. En Follow me en i will place some Pictures
  9. Picture 1. The Hotel 2. Reception 3. Lounge 4. Swimming pool 5. Cafe Thit was all.

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