Hotel shut down to make way for new stuff!

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  1. Hey guys, the other day the hotel shut down at 18318. After purchasing Diamond, I decided to blow it up :p (I have posted pictures below)

    So, what is new? I have made my storage bigger at 18318, planned a museum at 18029, and made a 60x60 sugar cane farm at 18768. I still need to claim one more residence by my friend though :)

    However, half of 18318, and what I am going to build the museum out of (and also what to build by my friends) have not been chosen, so if anyone has any ideas, Please reply to this post with your ideas!

    2013-10-03_18.32.31.png 2013-10-03_20.30.55.png 2013-10-03_20.33.57.png
  2. Bad death, no spammy.

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  3. Death actually kicked himself from smp9 because he spammed :p ~FD
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  4. I'm pretty sure you could have done it faster with a pickaxe, because then you have to correctly place the TNT where it will blow blocks up and then ignite it; in that time you could have mined twice of what it would have blow up :p

    Anyway what do you mean by the other side of the museum? Will half of it be empty?
  5. Lol. I haven't seen that before.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
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  6. TNT is more fun. And, half of his previous hotel res is unplanned, and he doesn't know what to build the museum out of.
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  7. TNT is fun :p No I mean the other half of 18318 (my first res) not 18029 (planned museum) on smp9 :)
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  8. Oh lol, maybe like.. Yeah I dunno
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